Learn from this TEA1832 drawing from NXP. Analysis of the circuit parameters in the design and optimization and certification to mass production. In all the components and parts, try to choose the components in the company warehouse, and the large amount of components, to facilitate the follow-up cost reduction.

The chip resistor uses 5% of 0603, 5% of 0805, 1%, the higher the capacitance value of the chip is, the higher the price is, and the design needs to be considered.

1, the input side, FUSE selection need to take into account the I ^ 2T parameters. Classification of fuses, quick-off, slow-cut, current, voltage, and fuses are complete. The safety distance before the fuse is more than 2.5mm. Try to put more than 3mm in the design. It is necessary to consider whether there is any margin in the fuse I2T when it hits a lightning strike.